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Electrical Vehicles
Silicone foam for Sealing and protection
About  us

Siotech® is the solution provider of high-quality silicone-based products since 2004.

Which is a vertical supplier of silicones that integrates the production, R&D, and sales of silicone material(silicone resin, silicone resin powder... ), and downstream silicone-based products: silicone foam, silicone fabrics, and silicone coating solutions.


Our raw material supply chain, the state-of-art laboratories in-house resources, and two production sites of 40,000㎡ all revolve around providing our customers with fast deliveries and short lead times, which allows us to be extremely flexible and competitive in the market.

Additionally, providing bespoke products that meet customers' design and functional requirements is also one part of our core business.

Our Expertise

Teksio™ Silicone Foam

Teksio™ silicone foam is formed by polysilicon foam, which maintains the excellent characteristics of silicone polymer, such as High and low-temperature resistance, insulation and weathering performance, low-density of foam materials, excellent sound absorption, shock resistance, and other characteristics to provide an ideal protection and high-performance material for automotives, aerospace, railway, electrical, and so on.


Silicone Fabrics

Siotech's silicone fabric brand Sileather® specializes in innovative and environmentally friendly synthetic leather for end-use applications such as furniture, footwear, upholstery, and so on.




Silicone coating solutions


Siotech® provides high-performance silicone coating solutions on textiles and non-textile materials, e.g. glassfiber, nylon, TPU to meet various process of applications, and features of waterproof, stain resistance, flame resistance, and so on.

​Safety Compliance
ISO 9001.png

ISO 9001

is an internationally recognized quality management system. The standard is based on a number of quality management principles, including customer focus, top management motivation and process approach, and continuous improvement.

ISO 14001.png

ISO 14001


is an international standard system for environmental management. It aims to achieve pollution prevention, energy saving, resource efficiency and ultimately continuous improvement of environmental performance.

IATF 16949.jpeg

IATF 16949


is an internationally recognized technical standard for the automotive industry, focusing on defect prevention and reducing quality fluctuations and waste in the supply of automotive parts.


Regulatory approvals in Europe and the US: RoHS, REACH, Prop 65.

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