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In-house material supply

Since 2004, Siotech® has been providing high-quality silicone products.  

Currently, we have two subsidiary companies responsible for the research, production, and sales of upstream and downstream products primarily based on silicon materials.

XJY Silicones New Material Co., Ltd that is focusing on the development and production of Methyl / Vinyl / Hydrogen containing silicone MQ resin series; condensation/addition molding silicone pressure sensitive adhesives; waterborne silicone resin; spherical silicone rein/ Polymethylsilsesquioxane; high and low hydrogen-containing silicone oil; 1,1,3,3-Tetramethyldrisiloxane / 1,3,5,7-Tetramehtylcyclotetrasiloxane and so on.

Siotech Corporation is a specialist in silicone-based products such as silicone-coated fabrics and silicone foams, the adopted material is from our upstream XJY silicones mostly which allows us to be extremely flexible and competitive in the marketplace.

Production sites

Our 2 production sites each over 40,000 ㎡ centered around providing our customers with fast deliveries, high-quality products, and short lead times.
We've obtained the certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, Lloyd Register.  

State-of-the-art  laboratories

At Siotech®, our laboratories are where concepts and ideas are born - this is where the next generation of silicone products becomes a reality. Our team with dozens of experts is able to develop, test and certify material development according to relevant international standards. 

Global Network

With offices strategically located in the United States,  France,  and China. Our presence in these key regions enables us to provide rapid and responsive customer support, ensuring timely communication and efficient service.


With our extensive network of offices, we can promptly address customer inquiries, provide technical assistance, and facilitate seamless logistics operations. Whether you are based in the Americas, Europe, or Asia, our dedicated teams in each location are ready to assist you with personalized solutions and exceptional service.


At our core, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations. Our knowledgeable staff in each office is equipped to understand your specific requirements and offer tailored recommendations. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality silicone products that meet the stringent standards of various industries.


By maintaining local offices in the United States, France, and China, we stay close to our customers, enabling us to swiftly respond to their needs. This localized approach allows us to build strong relationships, foster effective communication, and provide timely delivery of our superior silicone materials.

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