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Silicone Solutions Provider

Siotech Corporation excels in the development of silicone-based products and always finds new innovative ways to use silicone as textiles. With the first development of coated fabrics, we have expanded into more technical, industrial products including silicone coated fabrics, silicone-coating solutions, and silicone foams.
Silicone coated fabrics

Our internationally known brand, Sileather™ is a leader in silicone coated fabrics that are the alternative to genuine leather, vinyl, and polyurethane fabrics.

High-performance Silicone Foams

Silicone coated fiberglass fabrics are designed for industrial use so they are tough enough to handle extreme temperatures, resist chemicals, and has high dielectric strength.

Silicone coating solution

Silicone-coated textiles and non-textiles are versatile, lightweight, waterproof, and ripstop so they are highly resistant to tearing.

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