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With the kind of punishing schedules and harsh conditions all rail and transit systems endure, the parts, such as silicone gaskets, seals, enclosures, seat cushions, and anti-vibration pads, must perform at the highest level over the long term. 
Also, our silicone fabrics can be for seat covers for decoration and protection while meeting the applicable industry standards for safety and performance.

Railway Applications

  • Engine and Power Systems

  • Door and Window Seals

  • Electrical Systems

  • HVAC Systems

  • Seats and Interior

  • Passenger Compartment Thermal Insulation and Noise Dampening

  • Vibration Dampening Floor Pads

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Advantages of Application

Silicone Foam
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Silicone foam exhibits outstanding resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for stable performance in environments with elevated temperatures, such as in high-speed train engines and other high-temperature components.

  • Excellent Sealing Performance: Silicone foam demonstrates exceptional sealing capabilities, making it suitable for seals in doors and windows, effectively preventing the ingress of external elements like dust and moisture.

  • Weather Durability: The material has strong resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation, ensuring durability in outdoor applications and minimal susceptibility to environmental changes.

  • Electrical Insulation Properties: Silicone foam shows good electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for sealing and insulating electrical systems, protecting electronic components from moisture and dust.

  • Flexibility: Its flexibility allows silicone foam to adapt to various shapes and surfaces, making it suitable for diverse sealing requirements, particularly in dynamic environments.

  • Chemical Stability: Silicone foam exhibits stable resistance to a variety of chemicals, making it suitable for use in environments with corrosive substances.

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: The material demonstrates excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making it widely used in seats and interior components of the train.

  • Flame Resistance Protection – meets EN-45545, NFPA 130 flame spread resistance standard in keeping with key passenger safety requirements.

Silicone Fabric

In General​

  • Inherently flame resistant and meet the standard

  • Ultra-low VOCs to contribute to healthier indoor air quality

  • Easy maintenance as its inherent stain-resistant

  • Reducing the environmental impact from both the adopted raw material and production process which differ from the traditional synthetic leather.

Key Specifications:
  • Flame Resistant En 45545-2

  • Gold Indoor Quality

  • Stain resistance- CFFA-141 ≥4

  • Colorfastness- AATCC16.3, 200h  Grade 4.5

  • Skin-friendly | FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation

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