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Electric Vehicles


In electric vehicle (EV) battery packs, silicone foam seals serve a crucial function by forming a barrier between the upper and lower housings, thereby preventing the ingress of water, dust, moisture, and salt.

As well, silicone fabrics are an ideal and innovative vegan leather for seats and trims.

EV Applications

  • Battery Pack

  • Charging System

  • Interior Soundproofing

  • Wiring Harness

  • Seats and Interior

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Advantages of Application

Silicone Foam
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Silicone foam exhibits excellent high-temperature resistance, providing effective thermal insulation in critical areas such as batteries and motors in electric vehicles.

  • Lightweight High Strength: With its lightweight properties, silicone foam contributes to reducing the overall vehicle weight, improving the efficiency and range of electric vehicles.

  • Flexibility: The flexibility of silicone foam makes it suitable for various shapes and surfaces, meeting the sealing and thermal insulation needs of different components.

  • Superior Sealing Performance: In crucial parts of electric vehicles, such as the body structure, battery enclosures, and charging systems, silicone foam offers outstanding sealing effectiveness, preventing moisture and dust ingress.

  • Chemical Resistance: Possessing strong chemical stability, silicone foam can resist chemicals commonly found in the environment of electric vehicles, extending the material's lifespan.

  • Sound Insulation Performance: Silicone foam effectively absorbs noise, reducing vibrations and noise levels inside electric vehicles, providing a quieter driving experience.

  • Electrical Insulation: Serving as an insulating material for electrical components, silicone foam helps protect battery packs, motors, and electronic control systems from external electrical influences.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Silicone foam is often recyclable and reusable, aligning with the environmental and sustainability requirements in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Silicone Fabric

​In Summary: Pass or exceed OEM's standard, and has mass production projects.

  • Excellent aging resistance: without cracking nor peeling;

  • OEM VOC compliance: 100% free of PVC & PU, solvent-free, no plasticizer;

  • OEM abrasion resistance and strength properties;

  • High colorfastness;

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