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Our Applications


​With the ability to maintain sealing integrity in dynamic conditions and resist degradation from weather and UV exposure, silicone foam stands as a reliable solution for diverse sealing requirements.


Our Silicone foam and silicone fabrics are suitable for railway interiors & and exteriors.

Silicone foams can be for seat cushions, floating floors, seals,and so on.

Silicone textiles are used for seat covers for decoration and protection.

Both are passed EN-45545, NFPA 130, etc.


In electric vehicle (EV) battery packs, silicone foam seals serve a crucial function by forming a barrier between the upper and lower housings, thereby preventing the ingress of water, dust, moisture, and salt.

As well, silicone fabrics are an ideal and innovative vegan leather for seats and trims.


Silicone foam offers lightweight strength, high-temperature resistance, and superior sealing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for aircraft applications, ensuring durability, and enhancing overall performance. Its advantages include UV resistance, chemical stability, and sound-absorbing properties, contributing to improved safety and comfort in aviation environments.

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